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Not all growth is healthy growth.

Many passionate founders accidentally wreck their growing businesses due to unclear goals, poor cash management, and a lack of planning.

Partner with us and tackle key growth questions:

  • Are we on track to hit our growth goals?
  • How profitable are we really?
  • What is our cash flow (or cash burn rate)?
  • When can we afford to ________?
  • What should our marketing budget be?
  • How much money should we raise? When?
Our Aim

A smoother path to your goals

For many founders, the growth path is unnecessarily bumpy. Avoidable financial problems distract from their mission and slow their growth. The success of their business is personal, so we take our job of financial "path-smoothing" personally.

We believe that if we understand a founder's personal goals for their business, then we can craft a unique financial strategy that will avoid bumps and accelerate growth.

What our Clients Are Saying

"Greenhouse helped us..."

  • "Get control of my business."
  • "Know where to invest my resources."
  • "See potential hurdles before they came."
  • "Pay down my debt and exit my business."
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