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Not all growth is healthy growth.

Many passionate founders with growing businesses fall short of their vision due to poor cash management, a lack of planning and unclear goals.

Partner with us and tackle key growth questions:

  • Are we on track to hit our growth goals?
  • Am I missing low-hanging fruit?
  • How much cash can we make this year?
  • When can we afford to ________?
  • When should we hire next?
  • Should we raise money? How much?
Who we are

People-people who love numbers

For many founders, the success of their business is personal, and directly tied to personal goals. Finance and data analytics are only useful if they help founders achieve those goals.

We believe that the better we understand a founder's personal goals for their business, the better we can serve them and their business.

What our Clients Are Saying

Greenhouse helped me:

  • "Get control of my business for the first time ever."
  • "Manage growth that was drowning me."
  • "See potential hurdles before they came."
  • "Pay down my debt and sell my business."
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How much does it cost?
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