People-people who love numbers.

Who We Are

We are people-people who love numbers. This business is built to enable leaders to accomplish their personal visions for their organizations and ideas.

We operate on a few core beliefs: 
- Not all growth is healthy.
- Healthy businesses bear fruit.
- Proactive finance is core to healthy growth.

The Greenhouse team has served 100's of entrepreneurs and leaders in a variety of industries ranging from e-commerce, SaaS, non-profit, marketing agencies, consumer packed goods (CPG), healthcare clinics, and

Our Team

Mark Lupton - Director & Outsourced CFO

Mark founded Greenhouse recognizing a need amongst founders: CFO partners who care. As an analyst for a small business consulting firm, he focused on helping million dollar e-commerce businesses scale. After becoming a partner in the firm, Mark provided various management consulting services to growing organizations (outsourced CFO, FP&A analyst, and executive advisor to CEO's) in multiple industries. In that time he also helped multiple small businesses and non-profit clients raise multi-seven figures by turning data into story.

Prior to that he received an undergraduate degree in engineering, served as an engineer for a Global Fortune 300 company and received an MBA with distinction concentrating on entrepreneurship and finance.

Sharon Custer - Inventory Specialist & Financial Analyst

Sharon is a seasoned consumer goods entrepreneur with deep inventory management experience from a Fortune 100 company. She is world traveler and speaks fluent Chinese, English and almost Spanish. She has certifications in Quickbooks Online, Fathom, NASBA Certification of Inventory Management, and a Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. She also runs her own consulting firm, Inventory Optimization Pro, for solving complex inventory issues. She has undergraduate degrees in both Marketing and Chemical Engineering.

Bethany Bontrager - Financial Operations & Systems Specialist

Bethany has 18 yrs of experience in a variety business administration roles from cofounding a SaaS company to managing operations of a premier ski resorts. In the process she has become an expert in back office operations and systems for small businesses and start-ups. Over the years, she has helped dozens growing organizations identify, setup and manage their back-office systems and tools. Her specialties include back office process design and SOP's, Payroll administration, accounts receivable, invoicing, collections, accounts payable, bill pay and cash management/tracking.